Saturday, 15 June 2013

A whole new World...

Hello there!
I'm Charlie.
I live in Yorkshire with my boyfriend Andrew and our dog Alfred.
Here is an accurate photographic representation of Andrew and I doing some interpretive dance.
I love food.
I really love food.
I also love animals, especially goats.
I really love goats.
Always have, always will.
This is an accurate photographic representation of me throwing a basket of cats at my best friend Mel. She can be found here .
Here is a real-life picture of us in a boat.
This is my cat Mookie. She lives at my home home in Newcastle with my dad and sister. She headbutts things and drools.
I can usually be found looking like this.
I also like to pose like a dickhead. You'll see lots of this.
Here, enjoy some more pictures of my dog.

Charlie xoxo




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