Thursday, 20 June 2013

Camp Kátur OOTD.

I have been waiting for a special occasion to wear this skirt that I found in amongst my mum's old dance clothes. I spotted this top at our recent Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective clothes swap and knew they would go well together. I teamed it up with my favourite head scarf and some cat-eye sunglasses, and I thought I'd go for a more relaxed 50's style by wearing some regular flat converse. I wish I had gone bare-legged and worn frilly socks instead of the leggings as I ended up completely boiling- so much so that a whole load of bees decided to take a liking to the heat coming from my body and followed me all the way back to our pod! Thankfully I only got stung once, but I have well and truly learned my lesson. Summer heat does not require leggings, yo.

Mel, as usual, looked amazing the whole weekend. I'm not exactly quiet in my love for my beautiful Melly, and I hope she won't mind me putting these up. I absolutely love everything she wears and she always looks so put-together, even when I know she's just "thrown something on".

Charlie xoxo

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