Sunday, 30 June 2013

Song of the month

There are few things in life that give me as much pleasure as finding a song I instantly connect with and just can't get enough of. Here is a song that's been on repeat since the moment I heard it.

Willie "Tea" Taylor - Wrong Way To Run

This is Willie "Tea" Taylor, a tea farmer from Oakdale, CA (the cowboy capital of the world, apparently). Willie and this song are both featured on a documentary made by Slowboat Films called The Kingdom of Survival. I haven't seen this documentary yet, but in the trailer Willie has some pretty insightful stuff to say. I've been sending this song pretty obsessively to friends of mine labelling it as a song for your soul, and that's what I truly believe it to be. It's a song that just gets you straight in the gut. It's real honest music, and it's absolutely beautiful.

The album this song comes from is available now on Willie's Bandcamp page. I would really recommend this album, and buying it on Bandcamp means that most of the money goes directly to the artist rather than into the back pocket of a large record label's designer slacks.

Charlie xoxo

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