Sunday, 23 June 2013

In the heart of Dogtown.

T-Shirt (ukXL)- £7.99 H&M
Leggings (uk26)- £18 ASOS Curve
Gilet (uk26)- £22.99 New Look Inspire
Creepers - £24.99 New Look
Sunglasses - Mel's

I have been after a leather gilet for a few months now (what can I say, I'm an avid fan of Sons of Anarchy), so when I saw that New Look had them back in stock I screamed a little and bought it straight away. A while back (after unsuccessful searches for a gilet) I saw a leather jacket in the sale on the New Look website. They only had it in my size and it was on sale for £12.99 (!!!) so I put it down to fate and got it straight away. When comparing the gilet to the jacket, the gilet is much, much better quality. Unfortunately the jacket is VERY plasticy and quite thin, it's one of those that is not breathable in the slightest and just putting it on for a couple of minutes makes you feel quite sweaty (ew). The gilet, however, is absolutely perfect. It's thick, heavy and quite flexible, and definitely doesn't have the same sweaty qualities that the jacket has. I've never seen a fake leather look so real before, especially when I thought it would be the same material as the jacket. I'm so pleased with it, all I need now is my Redwood Original patches and a Harley to look legit!

I had actually been after these leggings for a while too as I adore the pattern, but I couldn't justify the £18 price. Leggings never last too long with me, it doesn't take long for them to wear thin and holey on the inner-thigh. I kept them in my saved items on the ASOS website and one day I went on and they had been reduced to £12. I believe they've been put back on at full price now, but it's worth keeping an eye out on the website if you're skint like me.

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