Wednesday, 9 October 2013


So I know tartan is very "in" right now, because it appears to be in ALL of the shops, however tartan has never ever been "out" for me. I LOVE IT. I never ever ever get bored of tartan.

In my last post I showed you the beautiful Simply Be tartan dress, and the red and black tartan-style checkered skirt I got, so I thought I'd carry on and show you another two items I got recently that I can't stop wearing.

First up we have this Dorothy Perkins black and white tartan-style skirt with pvc detailing on the pockets. Unfortunately there aren't actually any pockets, but I imagine it wouldn't be at all difficult to sew some in if you wanted some. I was forced to size WAY down as I couldn't find a 22 or even a 20 in stock anywhere, so I had to go for this super tight size 18. I don't think it looks too bad, but I imagine it may ride up if I am doing a lot of walking. This is definitely a show piece.

Again, the skirt was a little pricey for me at £22, but I actually had some vouchers to spend so thought I'd splash out. I wore it with a lovely vest top I got from New Look Inspire in the sale for £4, my New Look Inspire leather gilet, a simple pair of leggings and my BEAUTIFUL Primark boots.

Vest top UK26 - New Look Inspire
Leather gilet UK26 - New Look Inspire
Skirt UK18 - Dorothy Perkins
Leggings UK24 - Yours Clothing
Sunglasses - Charity Shop
Boots UK7 - Primark

I got this cool key necklace from Primark for £1!!!

So my second item is this pair of tartan leggings from Primark. I actually now own four pairs because they are SO SOFT and so stretchy and comfortable and lovely. My boyfriend Andrew has even stolen two pairs from me because he's taken to lounging around the house in them. Seriously, you need to try them. I can't stop talking about how great they are. I even wore them to work for most of the past two weeks (professional or what).

I got this silly skull vest top from H&M because it was about £7 and super stretchy. It's only a size M, so I presume it's probably actually supposed to be a dress, but on me it is a top and I am fine with that. I also got this hat from H&M because I always want to be a hat person, but I think I just need to accept that I am just not a hat person. The only kind of hat I actually seem to suit are hats with ears on them. Seriously.

Hat - H&M
Vest top - H&M
Leggings UK20 - Primark
Creepers UK7 - New Look
Dog - Model's Own.

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  1. Love the tartan especially the leggings they look great xx


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