Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oh yes I'm the great pretender

It's Downton Abbey night, so I thought I'd post some pictures of me pretending to be important enough to go to fancy events. Smart & well-dressed is absolutely not my strong point. I'm a messy person right down to my very core. Most of my clothes have food stains on them. However, I got this beautiful jacquard pencil skirt when I went rad-fat shopping in Doncaster last week and it's just so nice and smart I had to find a way to do it justice. 

The skirt was £23, which I've mentioned before is a little out of my budget for a skirt. I'm definitely a budget shopper, I suppose you have to be when you're all about fast fashion and have such an addiction to shopping, however once I tried it on I knew I should buy it. There's something about it, it's just so lovely and thick and comfortable, and the material feels beautiful. It's a really great length, too. I like to pull my pencil skirts right up to just under my bra and this still reaches below the knee, so it's perfect as a very smart skirt for those times smart is required.

I was wearing this cardigan in my last blog post but I didn't really say anything about it. I got it just the other week from Primark. It's a size uk20 but it's super stretchy. It's that beautiful fluffy wool that seems to be quite popular at the moment. When I wear it I can't stop stroking it. I love short shrug-style cardigans; my favourite burgundy one has recently lost a button so I needed a nice one to replace it while I search for a new button.

I got these earrings from New Look. I can't really find a way to describe them other than saying they're like glittery purple rocks that have been chiseled  into a heart shape? I'm sure there is a real name for the kind of rock, but really is it just glittery blue and purple rocks to me.


The next outfit is probably less smart. I was going for a glamorous 60's movie-star look, but it didn't quite end up that way. I got this dress from Primark. It was super cheap. It's a very stretchy ribbed material, so it is very comfortable. I don't usually go for things with a high neck-line, so I'm still a little unsure about it. I imagine it will be nice to wear in winter layered up with leggings and a thick cardigan or jacket. I do wish the sleeves were longer, though. I think it would be much smarter with half or even three-quarter sleeves.

Cardigan UK20 - Primark
Dress UK20 - Primark
Boots UK7 - Primark
Pearls - Primark
Sunglasses - Charity Shop
Dog - Model's own ;)

Tattoo by the amazing Rosie Evans :)

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