Saturday, 21 September 2013

Plus North - AKA weekend of dreams. PART 2

PLUS NORTH DAY WAS UPON US! I woke up so freakin' excited! Mel had to go off for some Plus North related shenanigans after breakfast so I got dressed very slowly (burning myself on my straighteners in the process) and headed off to town to meet Mel when she was finished.

Market St. was super busy and the sun was beating down. There was a three-piece band blasting out the Jungle Book. Then we saw some INCREDIBLE street art including a guy who was drawing these amazing Beatles posters. Already it was shaping up to be a really great day.

With huge smiles on our faces we stormed on up to the Arndale Centre. First stop was Yours Clothing. We just called in to have a look really, but as soon as we walked in I spotted a dress so beautiful I couldn't stop staring at it. I tried to avert my eyes but there was a magnetic force pulling me in. I had to have it.

We then went on a search for Dorothy Perkins but our search just lead us to Primark. I ended up with quite the Primark haul including the most comfortable tartan stretchy treggings EVER. I also found some red boots that I had literally dreamed about. With time running out we hurried back to the hotel to get ready.

Leggings: Sainsburys TU
Dream boots: Primark
Belt: Primark
Necklace: Primark

We arrived (fashionably) late so Mel had to run off to get ready for her catwalk appearance. I joined Lisa and Rachel just in time to see Mel strutting her stuff. We tried to be as loud and supportive as possible for everyone. Here are some of my favourite outfits from the whole day:

(Please click on the photos to enlarge them, they look a little blurry on my main blog page.)

Steph for Excite Clothing

Sian for Curvissa

I had such a great time. All of the big names were there, for a full list of exhibitors check out the official Plus North website for links :)

There was such a great vibe in the room all afternoon. I had an absolute blast with some of my favourite pals and I also met some amazing new friends. I didn't manage to get too many photos, the afternoon just seemed to fly by. I also only managed to go in The Mighty Boof photo booth once this year! I did go in 12 times last year though so I'm not too upset.

Here I am with two of my favourite humans on Earth Lisa and Rachel

Here are a few photos of some of the stunning people I had the pleasure of hanging out with:

Danielle, Rachel, Lisa, Elena, Kerry & Lolly

Lisa, Gemma, Toni, Kerry

I really can't put into words how much of a great time I had, and the day wasn't even over yet! The afternoon drew to a close and it was time to go home to change into the evening outfit.

One last selfie of my "afternoon hair"

One last pose in the hotel lobby. I really adore this dress.

 photo sig_zps7a9143c4.png

Part 1  -  Part 3

(If you would like copies of any of my photos, or alternatively if you would like to be tagged (yes please) or have the photo taken down altogether, just get in touch with me via email or facebook.) 

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