Sunday, 4 August 2013

Unity Dogs

So, I know I already posted about Unity Day, but I felt this needed to be in it's own post. There was a DOG SHOW. Yes, yours truly went to a dog show and it was glorious, dear friends. The show was open to everyone to enter and all dogs got a rosette and bag of treats just for taking part. The winner was chosen by a raffle ticket game at the end. Have a look at some of the amazing dogs I got to see! There's even a 4 month old beagle puppy and a THREE LEGGED JRT. I was in my element. I only wish I'd taken Alf with me and entered it, his play dead trick would have knocked the judges for six! Next year, Alf, next year.

Yep, this dog is balancing a treat on his nose.


This dog was also called Alf!

 photo sig_zps7a9143c4.png

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